About us

The technology has come to a point where machines are doing tasks previously thought only humans can do. And they are better and better at them. A decade ago machines couldn't write books and now it is possible - while it takes a human months and years to write a book, a machine can write them by a thousand each minute depending on the server capacity.

A decade ago the most comprehensive source of knowledge about different persons were encyclopedias and now Facebook has over 1bln profiles, LinkedIn over 400m profiles, etc.

A decade ago Print on Demand was not possible so only titles with high circulation could be printed.

A decade ago all those publishing syndication companies did not exist, now they allow an author to upload a title and then publish it at 30k digital bookstores around the world.

All that led us to an idea to employ robots to write patterned books. And bibliographies were definitely a good starting point. As of today, our AI identified around 80m people signatures and started looking for information available over the Internet and compiling it into a unique work.

So, now Artillect Publishing is ready to print a book about you, your relative, neighbor or even about old school friend, whom you haven’t seen for ages. All you need to do is enter a name you are looking for in a search bar in our Catalog.